Friday, 14 June 2013

Be Your Own Saviour

I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of people, yet nobody seems to notice me quietly slipping under all the commotion not being able to breathe, nobody offers a helping hand, giving me hope, people seem too busy to notice me slowly falling into the depth of the sea, I just keep falling struggling against the current immersed under the bustle of people. I lost hope in people, I lost faith in people and I lost  trust in people when I grew  up. As a child I was oblivious to everything and all those nasty things people used to say I ignored or didn’t pick up on. People seemed so much nicer when your young and being a child you don’t see the evil every single person is capable of, some greats overcome that capability and become warriors of good but the majority of us have fallen prey to doing evil, seeing evil and hearing evil mostly speaking evil. We claim we are just human, but being human is an amazing thing we are full of possibilities and capabilities that no can imagine, man invented amazing things, discovered new worlds, the earth has so much to offer and all we have is a very short life to enjoy it all so I say be the change don’t drown waiting for someone to help, waiting for someone to extend a helping hand instead pull your self out …you be the hands that help you.

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